Okay, so I wanted to set up a test for the new template I made: Template:Fishchart. Going to put it here -- just a copy and paste of the chart that Dairyman88 made for the Category:Common Fish page. Here we go. So this is what the table SHOULD look like:

Picture Name Description
Fish Default undefined undefined

And this is what the table looks like, using the current template:

Picture Name Description
Fish Banded Coral Shrimp Banded Coral Shrimp Banded Coral Shrimp like to hang upside down on rocks and shells. They are commonly found in anchialine pools and coral reefs.
Fish Bicolor Blenny Bicolor Blenny The Bicolor Blenny is also known as the two-colored Blenny. They are generally found amid crevices and rocks on the bottom of its environment.
Fish Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish The Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish lives in the Western Pacific and is considered endemic to the waters of Fiji. Occasional specimen have however been found in New Caledonia.
Fish Bicolor Parrotfish Bicolor Parrotfish The Bicolor Cetoscarus bicolor, the Bicolor Parrotfish is a species of fish from reefs in the Indo-Pacific. Adults are a brilliant blue-green with pink tinging.
Fish Black & Red Koi Black & Red Koi Koi are a domesticated variety of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that have been selectively culled for color. In Japanese culture, koi are treated with affection, and seen as good luck.
Fish Black Cap Jawfish Black Cap Jawfish Also called the Moustache Jawfish, the Black Cap Jawfish, when threatened, will open its mouth to comical proportions in an attempt to intimidate.
Fish Default Black Spotted Grouper Spotted Groupers are large, gloom-strucken fish that have the ability to change their appearence. Groupers inhabit shallow waters and coral reefs world-wide. Most live in tropical waters but some species can be found in temperate seas.
Fish Default Black-wedged Butterflyfish The Black-wedged Butterflyfish, Chaetodon falcula, is a species of butterflyfish found in the Indian Ocean. It grows to a maximum of 20cm (nearly 8 inches) long.
Fish Blue Chromis Blue Chromis Blue Chromis are common among tropical reefs. A school of these fish will bring about flashes of brilliant blue hues to a reef.
Fish Blue Sea Angel Blue Sea Angel Clione Limacina, common name, Naked Sea Butterfly or Common Clione, is a sea angel found from the surface to 350 meters in depth. It lives in both Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.
Fish Blue Spotfish Blue Spotfish It's a little known fact that the Blue Spotfish is blue and has spots.
Fish Blue Tang Blue Tang The Blue Surgeonfish or Paracanthurus hepatus, is a common Indo-Pacific fish. It just keeps swimming.
Fish Blue-green Chromis Blue-green Chromis Blue-green Chromis can be found in large aggregations over thickets of branching corals such as Acropora. They prefer sheltered environements such as sub-tidal reef flats and lagoons.
Fish Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray One of the most abundant Stingrays inhabiting Indo-Pacific reefs, the Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray generally spends the day hidden inside caves or under coral ledges. At night, it swims onto shallow sandy flats with the rising tide to feed.
Fish Default Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse The Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) eats parasites and dead tissue off larger fishes' skins. It's a symbiotic relationship that provides food and protection for the Wrasse, and considerable health benefits for the other fish.
Fish Default Brown Catfish This Brown Catfish can be found scavenging the bottom of large rivers. Some are rumored to grow to be large enough to swallow a human.
Fish Clown Triggerfish Clown Triggerfish The Clown Triggerfish, Balistoides Conspicillum, is a reef-associated fish, commonly found in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Fish Default Copperband Butterflyfish The Copperband Butterflyfish, Chelmon rostratus, is found in reefs in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are found at depths of 1-25 metres either singly or in pairs, forming monogamous pairs during breeding.
Fish Default Cubicus Boxfish The Cubicus Boxfish, Ostracion Cubicus, is also known as the Polka Dot Boxfish or the Yellow Boxfish.
Fish Dracula Goby Dracula Goby Native to the relatively shallow reefs of the Maldives, the Dracula Goby inhabit open sand areas dotted with rubble near the base of the reef structures.
Fish Emperor Angelfish Emperor Angelfish The Emperor Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a marine reef-associated fish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Fish Default Foxface Rabbitfish The Foxfish Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) lives throughout the Western-Pacific, often inhabiting coral reefs.
Fish Default Freshwater Angelfish The freshwater angelfish, Petrophyllum scalare, is a native to the Amazon River basin in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.
Fish Green Angler Green Angler Anglerfish, of which frogfish are a type of, don't move very much. They rely on the camouflage to catch their prey.
Fish Halloween Hermit Crab Halloween Hermit Crab The Halloween Hermit Crab, Ciliopagurus strigatus, is believed to have originated from the Hawaiian region and is native to the Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea.
Fish Harlequin Basslet Harlequin Basslet Native to the Caribbean Sea, the Harlequin Basslet, Serranus tirgrinus, is also known as the Tiger Basslet.
Fish Kaudern's Cardinalfish Kaudern's Cardinalfish The Kaudern's Cardinal or Pterapogan kauderni is often found around coral reefs, sea grass beds, and open areas of sand and rubble.
Fish Lantern Basslet Lantern Basslet The Lantern Basslet, Serranus baldwini, is a small reef fish from the Western Atlantic and Caribbean oceans.
Fish Lawnmower Blenny Lawnmower Blenny Lawnmower Blennies are primarily vegetarians. They have teeth that are adapt at scraping algae from the surface of rocks.
Fish Default Longhorn Cowfish The Longhorned Cowfish or Lactoria cornuta has a pair of horns that come out right above each of its eyes. If cornered, it is able to exude a deadly toxin right through their skin.
Fish Moon Jelly Moon Jelly The Moon Jelly is translucent, usually about 25-40 cm in diameter, and can be recognized by its four horseshoe-shaped gonads that are easily seen through the top of the bell.
Fish Default Orange Clownfish One of the most recognized fish, the Orange Clownfish or Amphiprion percula, like most other Anemonefish, has a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. It is often referred to by children as "Nemo".
Fish Orange Spotted Goby Orange Spotted Goby The Orange Spotted Goby, also known as the Spotted Prawn Goby or Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby, was first discovered in the Western Pacific in 1938.
Fish Default Orbiculate Batfish The Orbiculate Batfish is also known as the Round Batfish, Orbic Platax and the Orbic Batfish. This omnivore thrives in the waters of the Indo-Pacific.
Fish Default Picasso Triggerfish The Picasso Triggerfish inhabits lagoons and seaward reefs from 1m to 25m depth, usually very territorial and wary, never straying far from shelter.
Fish Pink Koi Pink Koi Koi are a domesticated variety of common carp (cyprinus carpio) that have been selectively culled for color. In Japanese culture, koi are treated with affection, and seen as good luck.
Fish Default Pink Skunk Anemonefish The Pink Skunk Anemonefish, Amphiprion perideraion, is an anemonefish found in the west Pacific Ocean.
Fish Default Piranha A Piranha is an omnivorous freshwater fish that inhabits South America rivers. In Venezuela, they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and a voracious appetite for meat.
Fish Purple Shrimp Purple Shrimp The Purple Shrimp, originating from Asia, has beautiful purple colorizations. It is a fiarly small shrimp and it is known to spend a lot of time hiding.
Fish Red & Blue Fantail Guppy Red & Blue Fantail Guppy Poecilia Libestes Reticulata, a fish commonly known as the Guppy, is a very popular aquarium fish.
Fish Red Angler Red Angler Most Anglerfish attracts their prey with a lure. This lure is actually a long spine that's detached from the front portion of the dorsal fin.
Fish Red Cap Black Oranda Red Cap Black Oranda An oranda is a type of goldfish characterized by a prominent raspberry-like hood encasing its head. The hood or headgrowth (also known as wen) encases the whole head except for the eyes and mouth.
Fish Red Cap Pink Oranda Red Cap Pink Oranda An oranda is a type of goldfish characterized by a prominent raspberry-like hood encasing its head. The hood or headgrowth (also known as wen) encases the whole head except for the eyes and mouth.
Fish Red Lionfish Red Lionfish Lionfish have venomous dorsal spines that are used purely for defense. When threatened, the fish often faces its attacker in an upside down posture which brings its spines to bear.
Fish Default Red Ryukin The Ryukin is a short, deep-bodied, fancy goldfish with a characteristic hump in the shoulder region.
Fish Red-banded Snapping Shrimp Red-banded Snapping Shrimp The Red Banded Snapping Shrimp and its cousins all have a unique left pincher. The pincher is modified to produce a loud sound and stream of water whenever it is opened or closed.
Fish Rhinogobius Zhoui Rhinogobius Zhoui Rhinogobius is a genus of primarily freshwater gobies native to tropical and temperate parts of Asia.
Fish Round Stingray Round Stingray The round stingray, Urobatis halleri, is a species of round ray found in the coastal waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is a small, common ray that feeds mostly on benthic invertebrates.
Fish Default Saddleback Anemonefish The Saddleback Anemonefish can be found in the eastern parts of the Indian and the Western parts of the Pacific oceans.
Fish Default Schooling Bannerfish The Schooling Bannerfish, or False Moorish Idol, is a marine fish native to areas near Africa.
Fish Scissortail Dartfish Scissortail Dartfish The Scissortail Dartfish or Ptereleotris evides, is a a Dartfish from the Indo-Pacific. They get their name from their black tails which are shaped just like scissors.
Fish Shore Crab Shore Crab The Shore Crab, or Carcinus maenas, is listed among the 100 "worlds worst alien invasive species."
Fish Default Silver Arowana Arowanas are freshwater bony fish. The fish can obtain oxygen from air by sucking it into the swim bladder, which is lined with capillaries like lung tissue.
Fish Sockeye Salmon Sockeye Salmon Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), also called red salmon or blueback salmon in the USA, is an anadromous species of salmon found in the Northern Pacific Ocean and rivers discharging into it.
Fish Default Spotbanded Butterflyfish The Spotbanded Butterflyfish is also known as the Dot Dash or Punctato Butterflyfish. It's indigenous to the waters of Indonesia.
Fish Spotfin Porcupinefish Spotfin Porcupinefish Also known as the Porcupine Puffer, Diodon hystrix are poisonous to eat, possibly due to the accumulation of tetrodotoxin.
Fish Stocky Anthias Stocky Anthias Anthias are small colorful fish that usually occur in groups on well-protected reefs of lagoons or bays.
Fish Default Telescope Eye Goldfish The Telescope Eye or Demekin is a fancy goldfish characterized by its protruding eyes. It is also known as Globe Eye or Dragon Eye Goldfish.
Fish White Spotted Grouper White Spotted Grouper Spotted Groupers are large, gloom-strucken fish that have the ability to change their appearence. Groupers inhabit waters and coral reefs worldwide. Most live in tropicalwaters but some species can be found in temperate seas.
Fish Yellow Tang Yellow Tang The Yellow Tang is in the surgeonfish family. It is commonly found in shallow reefs, from 2-46 metres (6.6-151 ft) deep, in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, west of Hawaii and east of Japan.
Fish Yellowback Anthias Yellowback Anthias Also known as an Evansi Anthias, Pseudanthias evansi school around the top of drop-offs. They primarily feed on zooplankton.
Fish Default Yellow Barracuda The Yellowtail Barracuda is found in Indo-west Pacific Oceans. It is a schooling fish and feeds almost exclusively on other fish.
Fish Zebra Hermit Crab Zebra Hermit Crab The Zebra Hermit Crab is smaller than most of the other hermit crabs. It is found on sandy floor areas surrounding reefs, rather than moving about on them.

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