I just went through and did some major housekeeping on the back end of the wiki. It's been a while, since I've been focused on putting together templates and doing some actual editing, so things got a little out of hand. I went through last night and tonight, however, and fixed a bunch of broken links, deleted duplicate files, and just did some general maintenance that needed to be done. Things are looking pretty good at this point -- the few glaring problems that I see are problems that I already knew existed and have been working on fixing.

In the meantime, the face of the wiki looks great! With TONS of help from Dairyman88 I've been able to get a lot more pages on the wiki fleshed out. If you haven't already, definitely check out the work he's done on the Common Fish and Uncommon Fish categories. He's also been helping me get all of the images for the fish uploaded, as well as images for the Rods, Bait, and Tank Backgrounds!

As always, if you want to help out with the wiki, we would welcome your assistance as there is still plenty of things to do. You can check out my list of projects that I'm working on by going to my user page. If you're new to our wiki, Wikia, or wiki-editing in general, there is a section at the bottom of the main page that can help you get started and point you in the right direction. Questions, comments, or suggestions can be directed towards myself or Dairyman88, either via our talk pages, comments in our blogs, or if you're lucky you might be able to catch us in the chat channel.

As always, happy fishing!

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