Red-banded Snapping Shrimp
Fish Red-banded Snapping Shrimp
Type Generic
Rarity Common
Source Wooden Stick
Pref. Food undefined
Size 1
Sell Price 1 Coins
The Red-banded Snapping Shrimp is also known by its scientific name, Alpheus randalli. Like its real-life counterpart, this creature is characterized as being white or transparent with vivid red bands all along its body. As is true of all snapping shrimp, the Red-banded Snapping Shrimp has asymmetrical claws. The larger of the two claws is used to produce loud snapping sounds underwater, which can scare enemies or stun prey.


"The Red Banded Snapping Shrimp and its cousins all have a unique left pincher. The pincher is modified to produce a loud sound and stream of water whenever it is opened or closed."



Although the shrimp is said to have asymmetric claws, in the game both pincers are equal in size because the images of the shrimp facing left and right are mirrored.

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