Pink Sea Angel
Fish Pink Sea Angel
Type Arctic
Rarity Uncommon
Source Snowflake Rod
Pref. Food undefined
Size 1
Sell Price 5 Coins

The Pink Sea Angel is an arctic type fish in the Aqua Pets game. The Pink Sea Angel is based on an actual sea creature called the Sea Angel. The real sea angel belongs to the mollusk and sea slug family, and gets it creative name for the form it takes (an angel). The Sea Angels are also 1-2 cm in length and feed on mostly plankton. In the game it can usually only be caught with the Snowflake Rod, by using pellets as bait, you can also use worms and even Black Bugs to catch them.

Game DescriptionEdit

"Clione Limacina, common name Naked Sea Butterfly or Common Clione, is a sea angel found from the surface to 350 meters in depth. It lives in both Arctic and Antarctic Oceans."


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