While bait determines the rarity of the fish you can catch, rods determine what types of fish you can catch. Holding your finger on the rod's icon within the rod selection screen will display the game description of that rod, which can give you hints on the types of fish that particular rod can be used to catch.

List of RodsEdit

Rod Cost

Level Req

Sturdy Green Rod 2 Pearls 1
Skeleton Rod 5 Pearls 1
Snipper Rod 5 Pearls 1
Wooden Stick Free 1
Thin Red Rod 25 Coins 1
Long Blue Rod 100 Coins 1
Sturdy Purple Rod 250 Coins 1
Bamboo Rod 500 Coins 15
Giant Spoon 750 Coins 20
Snowflake Rod 1000 Coins 25
Large Bone Rod 1500 Coins 30
Strong Vine 4000 Coins 35
Musical Note 10 Pearls 1
Scary Branch 10 Pearls 1
Giant Key 10 Pearls 1
Furry Rod 10 Pearls 1
Metal Antenna 10 Pearls 1
Magic Sceptre 10 Pearls 1
Golf Club 10 Pearls 1
Pet Toy 10 Pearls 1
Giant Candy Cane 10 Pearls 1

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