Various backgrounds are available in Aqua Pets to customize your fish tank. Some can only be purchased with pearls, while others can be purchased with coins. You start the game with the Seaweed Garden background, for free.

Background Name Lvl Req Cost
Seaweed Garden 0 Free
Tranquil Pond 5 500 Coins
Sunken Ruin 10 1000 Coins
Sporty Seas 15 1500 Coins
Prehistoric Depths 20 2000 Coins
Sugar Lake 25 2500 Coins
Aquatic Flowerbed 30 5000 Coins
Submerged Cemetery 0 10 Pearls
Paw Paradise 0 10 Pearls
Lost Treasures 0 10 Pearls
White Wonderland 0 10 Pearls
Glacial Waters 0 10 Pearls
Melodic Waves 0 10 Pearls
Magical Moon 0 10 Pearls
Hydro Tech 0 10 Pearls
Coral Garden 0 10 Pearls

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